Adult Performers warned not to work with Netflix

Adult performers not to work with netflix

Earlier this week, the FSC put out an alert to warn adult performers not to work with Netflix or any of its affiliates.

In case you’ve haven’t heard, Netflix recently put a docuseries on their site; Hot Girls Wanted; Turned On.

Produced by Rashida Jones and others, this docuseries is the sequel to Hot Girls Wanted, which can also be found on Netflix.

The issue with the series isn’t that it performers and others were “forced” to appear in the series but the fact that they were blatantly lied to about how their names and information would appear in the series.

Let us explain, adult workers, sex workers, or porn stars; whatever name you want to call them, are performers. Period.

They put on a show for you, they have stage names and they give you something that you want to see. They create a fantasy for you and they’re happy to do so.

Most of them would tell you that they love what they do and wouldn’t change it for anything.

They’d also tell you, that they love their fans and customers of their brand. However, that doesn’t mean that they want to share everything with them.

Like their real names and home addresses etc. In case you weren’t aware, take any major porn star name and realize that that isn’t his or her real name.

If you mail something to that person, a gift or whatever, you’re mailing a P.O. Box or some sort of mailing store, like a UPS store.

You’re not sending it directly to their house. These things are done to protect their identity and to allow them some level of anonymity.

Not just to protect their day-to-day lifestyle but in some case to protect their health and well-being.

We here at Smut Patrol love just about all the aspects the porn world. The people, for the most part, are great. You’ll never meet a better group of people, the industry is small and for the most part, everyone knows each other and as such, they watch out for each other.

However, there is a big group of people who absolutely hate sex work and the workers involved in it. So much so, that they’re not above harassment, subversion, and unfortunately, outright violence.

So, imagine the fear, trepidation, and anger when a producer tells you to your face that your real name and home address etc. won’t be displayed, only to see it posted on an episode of a documentary.

It would cause a lot of emotion and it has and the word has spread like wildfire.

However, as it may be making the rounds in the mainstream porn world, there are a lot of others, like say a single mother who privately webcams from home, who may not know about this deceitful group of producers.

Therefore, the FSC, felt that it was their responsibility to put out a press release about Rashida Jones, Ronna Gradus, and Jill Bauer of Herzog & Company. In hopes that others wouldn’t fall for the same trap.

So, if you’re a performer trying to break into the biz, a producer, or even an amateur webcammer at home. Think twice about agreeing to be on camera.

We all love sex but no one likes to be fucked over. For more information contact the FSC, granted, they may be out in California but they represent all sex workers and remember to stop on back to SmutPatrol as we keep up with all the latest surrounding this issue.

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