Barbie Cummings and the State Trooper?

Barbie Cummings and the Tennessee State Trooper


Did you hear about Barbie Cummings and the State Trooper? Umm..yeah, that’s really old news is probably what you’re thinking and you couldn’t be more right.

However, we want to be the Middle Tennessee Porn Blog and to do that we have to have a story somewhere in our archives about anything that has happened in Tennessee, especially when it happens with a porn star.

Thankfully, such a story did happen back in 2007 and occasionally people are still curious to hear about it. So, here’s what happened.


Barbie Cummings and the Tennessee State Trooper

According to a blog post that Barbie Cummings posted herself (the post has since been taken down) and a later interview given to ABC News, she’d been stopped by a Tennessee State Trooper at about 1 a.m.

She was stopped for allegedly driving 92mph in a 70mph zone. As the traffic stop went on, her car was searched and an illegal “stash” of painkillers were found in the vehicle.

The trooper than began to tell Ms. Cummings that as a result of the find, that it would likely result in a “Narcotics possession” charge and that it could result in a punishment that would restrict her to the state.

In other words, she wouldn’t be able to leave the state of Tennessee. At this point, Barbie Cummings began to cry according to the blog post and later ABC interview. The trooper asked her why and that’s when she explained that she was a contract porn star.

As a porn star under contract, she had to travel to L.A. monthly to shoot her scenes and therefore fulfill her contractual obligations.

This is where things went…wonky for the state trooper. He then allegedly escorted Barbie Cummings back to his patrol cruiser and searched for her scenes on the computer in his cruiser!

A WTF moment if there’s ever been one.

They allegedly sat in the cruiser and visited some of the websites, to include her blog and watched two videos of her. Then the trooper took the bag of pills and scattered them into the brush alongside the interstate, according to Barbie Cummings.

After disposing of the pills, the trooper then asked Barbie to follow him to a secluded place where she gave him what we can only hope was a fucking killer blowjob! He took pictures and recorded short video clips as she blew him.

According to Barbie Cummings, she didn’t want to get the trooper in trouble, granted she did write about the incident the day after it happened, she never mentioned the trooper on the post.

The trooper is the one that blabbed. I guess he couldn’t keep his mouth shut about having gotten head on the side of the road by a porn star? He called her the next day and asked her if he could show his co-workers!

Of course she agreed.

He also emailed her the pictures and the videos of the roadside incident, which she then promptly posted on her blog.

Barbie Cummings says she regretted little about the incident and that she did in fact feel some sympathy for the trooper but ultimately saying that he brought all of this on himself.

She said the following of the whole incident;

“He’s not necessarily being punished for the act itself, but he did go to the adult Web site on a computer that was assigned to him, and he did do this on duty. He made all these decisions as a grown-up, there was no coercing or nothing.”

The trooper was suspended. Let’s just say we here at SmutPatrol think this dude’s a dumbass. Not for “breaking the law” or on some moral high ground but because dude, you get head, keep it to yourself! Its 10 years later and small porn blog is still talking about it!

We won’t post the guys pictures or name because we’re not total assholes and we realize that this is old news but it isn’t hard to find with a simple Google search.

So, there you go curious Tennessean, that’s the story about what happened with the Tennessee state trooper and Barbie Cummings.

If there’s a life lesson to take away here, it’s this; if you’re lucky enough to get a blowjob from a porn star, keep it to yourself.

No one needs to know and without proof, no one is going to believe you anyway. So, just shut up and savor that memory for the rest of your days.

It could save you from life-long internet “fame”.

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