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While we are primarily a porn blog, we realize that “porn” and “erotica” can take on many forms and today, we’re happy to talk about one that’s been on the rise in recent memory.

Erotica if the form of writing, erotic stories. This isn’t anything completely new, of course, erotic novels have been around for generations.

If you don’t know what we’re talking about, try to remember those cheesy books at the supermarket. You remember the ones, with a woman in a period dress, and some Fabio type of man riding a horse, with his hair flowing?


trashy books -

Oh yeah, You remember!

With the rise of adult material online and the normalization of erotica with the successes of 50 Shades of Grey and tv shows like Sex and the City, more and more people are becoming okay with enjoying these types of novels and now them being just a click away on a keyboard, popularity and demand have soared.

Enter the real-life married couple; Mike and Karen, who after reading the 50 Shades of Grey books felt that there were lacking with reality.

“Karen bought and read Fifty Shades, and I tried reading it also but I just couldn’t relate to the characters,” Mike told AVN in a recent article.

Being disappointed with the series, despite its popularity, they set to work. Conducting hours of research, finding that there was in fact a demand for more erotica.

With that in mind, they set out to pen a story for the “everyman”. Their first story, On Top of Spumoni. Loosely follows their own story.

“Some of the situations in the book are based on our actual lives together—before and after being married. People that know us can’t believe we ended up together.” Said Mike.

The story follows their pen names and alter egos, Cooper Spanoli and Jacqueline Price. Cooper is a bigger man in his mid-20’s and despite being a “good guy”, is the prototypical “dorky” stereotype.

He still lives at home, in his parents’ basement and works a computer related job and spends his time with his group of friends playing games on their off-time.

Good intentions and aside, he’s along and stuck in a rut. Perfectly content to keep going about his daily life.

Jacquelin Price is the complete opposite, she’s a young college graduate. She’s beautiful, has a good-looking boyfriend to compliment her and thanks to her rich father’s connections, she’s recently landed a job.

But things change for the two characters when they literally run into each other on the street one day and what should something inconsequential, it ends up changing both of their lives forever.

The book is available on Amazon and reviewers are loving the book! Some even saying that it’s the “best romantic comedy they’ve ever read”.

So, if you’re looking for a chance to love, laugh, and entertain the sexier parts of your brain, then you need to pick this up.

At only $2.99, we think you’ll be happier with this story then that 50 shades copy your using as a coaster right now.

To buy On Top of Spumoni, Click here!

If you want to read more about Karen and Mike the real-married couple behind this sexy novel, click here to read their profile on AVN and don’t forget to bookmark us for all the latest Adult Industry News!

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