Flirty Girl Brooke Christian to offer Sex Tips for busy Moms! – Here’s your chance for better sex!



Brooke Christian on Smut

Flirty Girl, Brooke Christian is going to be offering “sex tips for busy Moms” at the Sex Expo New York 2017!

The popular creator of the popular blog, FlirtyGirlGuide, and self-proclaimed “sexpert for busy moms” will be hosting a workshop at the event.

The workshop, “How to make vanilla sex hotter in five simple steps” the goal will be to help any and all “frustrated mommies” out there to improve their sex lives.

In a recent article on XBIZ, the blogger had the following to say about the upcoming expo;

“Over the years, I’ve become the sexpert for the mommy set,” Christian said. “I’ll tackle how to sex it up easily and quickly, how to balance motherhood and your innate sexual desires. And most importantly, I offer solutions on how to have amazingly hot sex no matter how much — or how little — time one has. Plus, I’m a huge advocate for giving women permission to be both mothers and kinky sexual beings. And I lead by example: I’m a crazed mom of two, but I also love being naughty. The two can live together in one body.”

Before you rush to get your ticket though, who exactly is Brooke Christian you may be asking, we decided to head over to site to find out.

The first link we were directed too off of the XBIZ article took us to her “Mission” page. The blogger immediately tells us that it’s her mission to “make sex something you want to do versus something you have to do”.

An idea we’re sure most women can relate too, however more than just having generic tag lines and inspirational quotes, Brooke Christian details her own personal tales of her sex life and other parts in detail in the Blog:Girl Talk section of her site.

If you’re thinking, “Well, that sounds nice and all but I’ll pass” there’s more! She’s also a photographer and for lack of a better way to describe it, “Passion Party” girl?


Passion Party pic on smut

In the Boudoir section of the site, we find out that if you’re in the Westchester County area of N.Y. you can stop by “The Boudoir” for “sexy photo shoots”, the kind you only show your husband or lover.

She also invites you and your friends to stop on by to look, learn about, and maybe even try certain sex toys? For those unfamiliar with this, it’s like a sexy Tupperware party!

The trend known as “Passion Parties” has grown over the years and women try to cash in on the craze. Essentially, women gather and drink wine and talk about sex and look at toys, in a presumably safer and more relaxed environment rather than go to a seedy sex toy shop.

Overall, as we clicked off of the Flirty Girl website, we felt confident in recommending not only the Flirty Girl blog but Christian Brooke’s services as a whole! We’re confident that this mother of two and “naughty girl” could give you some great tips.

Will you be able to have “crazy porn star style sex” after her workshop? Probably not but will you be able to have better sex for your situation? We think so!

The Sex Expo New York 2017 is set to take place at the Brooklyn Expo Center, September 23-24.

The event will be presented by Chaturbate and The Pleasure Chest will serve as the official sex education sponsor for the expo.

You can register for the even here: Brooklyn Expo Center.


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