Are you looking for Sexy Greeting Cards? – RedTube is ready to help with that!

Sexy Greeting Cards by RedTube

Red Tube Logo for Smut Patrol

Sexy greeting cards, are you in the market for some? If there’s something you want to tell that special someone and all of the other cards just don’t seem to say it, maybe Red Tube’s porn greeting cards can!

The porn tube giant decided that they were going to do something different in an effort to garner new business for their website.

While some porn companies volunteer, donate money to worthy causes, or start blogs; RedTube always seems to think outside the box!

The other day, we told you that RedTube was trying to sponsor a subway in N.Y.C., you can read that article here.

We also talked about a similar story, in where an amateur soccer team in Massachusetts reached out to the company on Twitter to sponsor their games.

The company agreed to the sponsorship in less than 10 minutes! You can read the story on XBIZ.

So, why do this sort of thing you might be asking? It’s really easy to understand, publicity. Like the old saying goes; “There’s no such thing as bad publicity”.

Stories like the one about the Subway proposal or the soccer team were picked up by several news outlets and not just the ones that talk about porn.

Plenty of mainstream websites and “legitimate” news sites picked up the stories and they were read, presumably by hundreds if not thousands, not to mention all the backlinks that were given to the company with all of the reporting.

In case you don’t know, porn companies have to be extremely creative when it comes to advertising and marketing.

Despite the fact that the majority of the internet is dedicated to some sort of porn or “adult” related products and services, mainstream outlets won’t let these companies advertise via traditional methods.

That’s while you’ll never see a banner ad for RedTube or whatever on any regular non-porn site that you visit regularly.

So, companies do all of these outside the box things. They find ways to get their name out there via traditional methods that force the mainstream to pay attention.

Is it short-lived? Sure but even so, a few extra hundred click-throughs never hurt anyone.

With all that in mind, enter RedTube Greeting Cards!


Sexy Greeting Cards

It’s a gimmick people. Albeit, a very real one. Yes, they’re real, you can go right now and buy one and I suppose give it out to a friend or loved one.

If you feel inclined to do so right now, you can buy one right here!

We can’t speculate how many people will actually go about buying these cards, we’re sure that the frat boy population might be their biggest customers, it still isn’t profitable enough to be “successful” in the typical sense.

But as a great marketing effort? Pure Genius and in that way, a home run for the porn behemoth.

Don’t get us wrong here folks, we’re not bad mouthing RedTube, not in any one way, we’re just pissed that we didn’t think of the idea ourselves!

If you’re in desperate need of sexy greeting cards, give one of RedTube’s greeting cards a try!

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