Pre-Nominations for the XBIZ Awards are open!

XBIZ Awards Show -

The XBIZ awards show is right around the corner and much like the AVN’s, pre-nominations have begun!

Like our last article, this might not mean too much to you, the porn customer, it means a lot for the people in the industry.

An awards nomination and/or win is huge for your career, studio, or company. It helps secure more work, new potential partnerships, and more customers.

XBIZ announced earlier today that they’d launched a new website that will serve as the “Official Site” of the 2018 XBIZ Awards.

Along with the new website, the company released a trailer for the site and awards show, featuring the show’s host; Jessica Drake.

It’s a short video that shows Jessica Drake posing out in the desert with various XBIZ awards around her, you can watch it below.

If you’re an industry individual, submissions have begun and they will run from September 1st to midnight September 30th.

Industry professionals must be registered members of and will have to use an online submission to enter their pre-nominations.

If you’re a customer than you’ll be excited to hear that XBIZ has announced that they have introduced several new categories for this 2018 awards show.

They said that it was important to introduce these new categories, to highlight the evolving facets of adult. Which, truth be told, always seem to be changing indeed.

The three categories that stuck out to us here at Smut Patrol, were three new genre awards. They all cater to the “taboo” genre of porn.

The first is Taboo Release of the Year, the second is Taboo Series of the Year, and finally, Best Sex Scene – Taboo Release.

You can read all the other new categories here. While the other new category entries were interesting, we were excited to see the “taboo” genres getting more recognition.

Typically, porn that falls into the “taboo” area is done by smaller boutique porn producers, essentially “small business” porn companies and there’s just something about supporting the “little guy” that’s always made us pull for them.

Time will tell however, if our hunch is correct. Surely, a big-name company could just as easily sweep into this category as well.

We’ll just have to wait and see!

No matter what the results of the pre-nominations period, we’re excited to see the final nominations and nominees and to see the awards show itself!

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