The problem with Hot Girls Wanted Turned On

Anikka Albrite PSA

So, what exactly is the problem with Hot Girls Wanted Turned on? By now, you’ve probably heard a lot about a documentary that was recently released on Netflix.

The documentary that was produced by Rashida Jones and others and has stirred controversy since day one and none of the producers or Netflix seem to have a problem with the accusations being thrown at them.

What’s the problem with it then? In short, a lot.

To get it out in the open, we here at Smut have not seen Hot Girls Wanted Turned On.

We did, however, see Hot Girls Wanted, which Rashida Jones also had a hand in, and quite frankly, we weren’t impressed. Not because the quality was low or anything along those lines.

It was the fact that it played along the same tropes when any documentary takes a “hard look” at the porn industry.

There’s always sad music that plays behind darkly lit rooms, with “sadness” abound.

Now, we’re not idiots or blind. Of course there are “horror” stories of performers that were in the industry but if you’re being honest with yourself those sorts of “sad stories” could happen in any industry or setting.

People are exploited all the time. Don’t believe me? Look at any number of recent NFL retirees that are complaining about their health and quality of life today and the NFL’s lace of concern about them.

Granted, that’s different world but the idea is the same. People get exploited everywhere.

As porn bloggers, we’re tired of hearing about how “horrible” porn is. These documentaries more often times than not, always seem to hype up the “horrors” rather than the good or the seemingly happy lives that most performers live.

But that isn’t what this post is about really, we’re here to talk about the problem with Hot Girls Wanted Turned On. The problem is that this documentary that looked to “expose” the exploitation of performers did exactly that!

It put performers at risk, it took away their privacy, and in our opinion, took away their power and dignity.

Sadly, it seems that the producers, Rashida Jones and others and Netflix only seem to care about the money that they will inevitably make off of all the publicity.

The Free Speech Coalition or FSC recently put out a PSA starring one of the industry’s biggest stars; Anikka Albrite.

In the video, that lasts just under two minutes, the star highlights some of the glaring issues with the docuseries.

There’s no way to tell exactly what will come of this incident but we can ask that you do your part. We won’t tell you not to watch the series but we will urge you not to harass any of the performers in the series.

Don’t be a jerk, these performers are people like you and I and we urge you to get off of your high horse. If what they do upsets you, why are you watching porn in the first place?

To help these performers and sex workers in general, head on over to the FSC website and show your support.

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