Could you be riding a ‘Red Tube’ home soon? – RedTube wants to sponsor N.Y. Subway

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New York City is not an area that we wanted to concern ourselves with when we started SmutPatrol.

We’re a porn blog for Middle Tennessee but when a good enough story comes along, how can you pass it up, right?

Porn Tube giant; RedTube wants to sponsor a N.Y.C. subway station and slap its logo all over it!

It’s been on the mainstream news, especially in New York City for days now, that the porn site put in an official bid of $600,000 to be put into consideration.

The caveat being that they would then get to put a Safe-For-Work RedTube logo over the entirety of the station.

Governor Cuomo, is responsible for this, last month the governor stated that the Transit Authority should look into getting business sponsorships to help pay for the building and maintaining of new subway stations and lines.

New York City has been facing a nightmare scenario in that their mass transit system isn’t able to keep up with the amount of people using it.

Subway riders have complained about too many people crammed into subway cars, trains running late, with a seemingly endless number of complaints coming in daily.

The local government had to act and they did. They’ve already picked out where to add the news stations and lines and how they should move etc. to alleviate the current burden but as with any bureaucracy, how to pay for it becomes the issue.

Enter the Governor Cuomo and his idea, to be fair, it was fairly obvious that he had hoped that local business (with deep pockets) would gladly file in the door, seeing it as a massive opportunity to market and push their brand on an all but captive audience.

Then RedTube got the message! Writing the following to the Metro Transit Authority;

“We here at RedTube are eager to lend a hand and give back to our loyal New York fans and would like to officially submit our application for consideration to sponsor a subway station for an annual fee. Should we make it through the application process, we were thinking we could literally adorn the station we sponsor as well as a number of trains in RedTube branding so people could actually ride a red tube.”

There have been no reports that the Transit Authority or the Governor plan to take this request seriously. However, $600.000 is a very serious offer.

Is RedTube serious though? Why take the risk, the chances are they will most likely get denied. Which we suspect that they company thinks too, however, you know how the saying goes; “any news is good news”.

We’re betting that this is a publicity stunt, it wouldn’t be the first time that a porn company has done something like this for the free and often times, mainstream press.

You just can’t get that sort of exposure to porn! However, if the city were to accept the offer we doubt the Mindgeek subsidiary would hardly bat an eye.

They have 20 million viewers looking at RedTube in New York ALONE!

Finally, there is some precedent with Redtube and these sorts of sponsorship. Recently, an amateur soccer team in Massachusetts asked Redtube to sponsor them and Redtube said yes! Almost instantly.

After hands we’re done shaking and the ink on the page had barely dried. Jersey’s with the brands logo were made and being sold at the stadium!

A small victory sure but if it worked there, why not a subway station in New York City?

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