Tori Black re-signs with The Lee Network!

Tori Black re-signs with The Lee Network

Tori Black announced today that she is resigning with The Lee Network! We talked about Tori in our last article about her potentially making a comeback and this sort of solidifies her return.

Today’s announcement made it clear that The Lee Network will be her exclusive representative for all feature dancing engagements.

If you’re not familiar with The Lee Network or “feature dancing” adult performers, will often tour the country to dance at Exotic clubs.


Tori Black re-signs with The Lee Network


It serves multiple purposes, for the performer, it’s an extra way to make some money and to connect with her fan base that may not be close to California or Vegas.

As for the club that’s hosting the performer, they hopefully win because a big name, like Tori Black, will certainly draw a big crowd for the night or two that she’s there in club.

Everybody wins!

Aside from the announcement that she’d re-signed with the well-known company, that’s all we know but we’ll be keeping a close eye on press releases and her Twitter account for any future announcements!

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