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xHamster just offered a job to cop that was recently fired. According to a press release that was put out today, xHamster wants to help ‘a good man, find an even better job’.

What’s the story you might be asking? Earlier this year in Clackamas County, located in Oregon, a Sheriff’s deputy was “medically laid off”.

However, the circumstances surrounding the incident are fishy to say the least. Lieutenant Jeff Davis, was let go because of his wife’s webcam performances on popular webcam service, MyFreeCams.

If you don’t know what “camming” is, a customer can log onto a service, like MyFreeCams and see a live person performing on the other end. It can be as simple as a model stripping or dancing or in some cases couples will engage in sexual activities while customers look on.

It’s all legal and has become a huge money maker for the Adult Industry as it offers a certain amount of personal experience for the customer and is an act that cannot be pirated and then released for free.

Several top porn actresses cam live for extra earnings and to connect with their fans but this service lets anyone become an online object of desire.

As a result, the woman you were standing next to in line at the grocery store could be a webcam model! Several everyday women and couples have tapped into this service as a way to supplement their income or in some cases becomes their entire income.

Most of the time, these webcam models report that even with their webcam work, they enjoy a relative amount of anonymity. However, that wasn’t the case for Deputy Jeff Davis.

According to his attorney, Dan Thenell, the Sheriff’s office began their investigation into Deputy Davis’ wife after the office “received information” as her work as a webcam performer.

So, someone or multiple locals saw her while they were presumably enjoying her show and then felt like they had to tattle on this “perverted” behavior.

Unfortunately, this happens too often to adult performers. Someone, usually a co-worker, will find an old video and then talk about it at the office, which results in that former performers firing.

It happens a lot and it sucks for this person, here she or he is, trying to move on with their lives and because someone was looking at porn, which never seems to be an issue for the employer, they get let go and they have to start over somewhere else and hope that their secret doesn’t come out.

In the case of Deputy Davis, attorney Dan Thenell, says that the office recorded “hours and hours of her online activities as part of their investigations.”

Thenell also said that he was “unaware of any findings of wrongdoing or policy violations”.

Despite that the Deputy was laid off but maybe it was for the best? Like we talked about in our last article porn company’s love to step in on moments like this, it’s great publicity, and if the offer is taken up, it’s a “win-win” for both parties.

Porn tube giant, xHamster, was upset to hear about this Deputies firing over his wife’s business and has extended a job offer!

Actually, they offered him a couple of choices to really sweeten the deal for the former Deputy. xHamster offered him a job in the security field and as a webcam performer with his wife!

The company said that, “Jeff and his wife would have the opportunity to earn income together, be featured on xHamsterLive and win prizes and become stars”!

As of this writing there’s been no response from Jeff Davis but we hope it works out for this couple regardless of what they decide to do. Good luck guys!

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